All black

Hey, It's almost end of the June, and I was wearing my trench coat week ago, which I'm usually wearing in autumn or spring. Thank god we have had good weather here in Finland for a few days now. I'm obsessed with silk scarfs right now. They are so cute. I think I'm over doing it... Continue Reading →


  I have such a fun weekend behind. Beautiful sail boats, good memories and a lot of sugary food. I haven't eaten that much of sugar in really long time. I got sugar hangover now. In my hometown was festival mode on. Here is organized a maritime festival every year in summer, but this year there... Continue Reading →

  The very first blog post. After long time thinking should I or shouldn't I, I decided that I should do this finally.   I'm full of enthusiasm that I'm doing this. So as this is my first blog post, I think I should tell about myself a bit and what you'll see here.  Actually, I wrote a description about me and... Continue Reading →

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