Lace detailed romper

It's cold as fuck, but I'm still strolling around in shorts and skirts because I'm trying to enjoy my summer clothes:D I bought this romper last year from Nelly. I fell in love with the lace details and blue color of the romper. I'm not sure what I think about the design, but the romper is... Continue Reading →

Green, green

Here is a new outfit post again. I'm in love with those QuayXKylie sunglasses. I have been hunting for perfect black sunglasses for two summers now, and finally, I made it. Ok, still didn't find what I was seeking for. I was seeking for cat eye shaped sunglasses, but those are a good substitute. Actually, that... Continue Reading →

Is it really that bad

                                             Ehh, here are some bad quality photos. Sorry ! Have you ever dreamed about something that makes your stomach full of butterflies?  You never did that because it is something others aren't used to... Continue Reading →

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